My sculpture can be found across the USA and in a few instances in Europe and Asia in private and public venues. I have made public sculpture for municipalities, hotels, restaurants, companies, clubs, sports teams and schools.


     "Upon entering Longaberger Alumni House, guests are met by a behemoth bronze

      buckeye mounted on the wall. The sculpture by L. C. Shank greets visitors with the

      forcefulness of a firm handshake: Ohio State alumni, welcome home!"

                                                                Ohio State Alumni Magazine, March 2001



If you are lucky enough to be an Ohio State alumnus or a guest at Great Witchingham Hall in the UK or to stay in the penthouse of 21C Art Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky, then you will see my sculpture firsthand. Otherwise, the best location to see a collection of my work in one place is California's Napa Valley.

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